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Clear aligners are a significant advancement in the world of dentistry. They are an alternative to dental braces, which were the only go-to solution to treat a malocclusion. Among the various clear aligners available today, Invisalign is undoubtedly the best alternative for conventional metal braces as it is aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior.

Why Is Treating Malocclusion Important?
  • Malocclusion can attract unwanted attention when you smile. People with misaligned teeth tend to face a lot of embarrassment when someone mocks their smile.
  • The functionality of the mouth could be negatively affected due to malocclusion. The way the person pronounces words, bites, and chews food may not be as usual due to it.
  • The equal distribution of forces on the teeth may be ill-matched due to the misalignment of teeth. It could bring about a change in the shape of the jawbone, leading to bone deterioration, and loosening the teeth from the sockets.
  • Optimum oral hygiene, i.e., brushing and flossing the teeth can become increasingly complicated when the teeth aren’t aligned appropriately. It could influence the chances of tooth decay.
Advantages of Choosing Invisalign

Metal braces have been used for many years to treat malocclusion and are quite a popular solution. However, they tend to leave a nasty appearance on your smile during the treatment period. It can lead to embarrassment, making you feel too conscious of your facial appearance when you talk or smile. Invisalign will be the end of such issues and would also bring a few more advantages to the table. Here’s why you should consider it:

  • Invisalign is made from transparent plastic with shape memory. The aligners would do a great job of staying under disguise. However, if anyone takes a close look at your smile, it would be visible.
  • They are removable aligners. You may take them off whenever you have to brush your teeth, eat food, or drink beverages. Please make sure you don’t leave any food debris or sugary residues on the teeth when you put them back on, as it could apply unwanted pressure on the teeth.
  • They are metal-free. It significantly reduces the risk of sustaining oral injuries due to metal brackets or wires, as in the case of braces.
  • Though Invisalign is made from plastic, the aligners would be fabricated with such precision that they do not injure the gums or the surrounding soft tissues in the mouth.
  • The technology used to make the aligners is highly advanced. It allows us to monitor the movement of the teeth precisely as the treatment progresses.
What’s the Treatment Involved?

The orthodontist will screen your teeth to understand the severity of malocclusion and any other issues affecting the treatment procedure. We will scan the mouth, and the data obtained from them will be used to fabricate the aligners from dental-grade plastic material in a laboratory.

Since you are new to Invisalign, you may feel slightly uncomfortable when you first wear them. However, you would get used to it within a day or two, and your treatment would be going on in disguise. Invisalign has to be on for almost the entire part of day. Except for brushing your teeth and eating food, they will have to be worn for 22 hours each day. You will have to switch to a new set of aligners once every two weeks. The new set of aligners would allow the teeth to move to their ideal positions further. Based on the malocclusion’s severity, it could take between six months to a year to complete the treatment.

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