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3D Imaging Conebeam CT Scan

Conebeam CT scans are a highly advanced means of dental imaging used to map out the positions of the teeth, underlying tooth roots, jawbone, and other oral features. Although most dental practices use digital x-rays and oral scans, we use CBCT scans to provide several benefits that conventional methods do not.

What Is Conebeam CT?

Conebeam CT produces a conical beam of light while scanning the oral features. When the conical beam of light is projected toward the patient’s face, who is comfortably seated in the dental chair, the images rendered from the scans are projected on a chairside computer screen. The device would revolve around the patient, providing three-dimensional views of the oral features. The dentist will then use this data to diagnose the oral conditions thoroughly and fabricate dental restorations if required.

How Are CBCT Scans More Advantageous?
  • The precise images produced through CBCT scans are more detailed than those of regular oral scans. This allows the dentist to get a clearer view of the teeth, gums, and other tissues in the mouth.
  • Mapping the positions of the teeth and the tooth roots for dental implantation is easier using CBCT scans.
  • Whenever the dentist has to carry out oral surgery, we will need to be aware of the positioning of the nerves and blood vessels. This is relatively easy with CBCT scans, and the results obtained are precise.
  • Checking the teeth for cracks, chipping, underlying dormant cavities, etc., can be done effectively using CBCT scans.
  • With a single scan, the dentist can get an unlimited number of views of the mouth in 3D.
  • The device is quite safe as it doesn’t produce a large amount of radiation, which makes it safer than conventional x-rays.
  • Scanning using CBCT is quick, easy, and extremely convenient for the patient, as the device would revolve around the patient’s head.

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