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Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns are widely used to restore teeth to their ideal contour, structure, and functionality. Bridges, on the other hand, are used to replace missing natural teeth. Both these restorations are made from dental-grade ceramic, allowing us to customize them according to the color, contour, and size required.

At Revive Dental Studio, we conduct a thorough screening procedure to determine your candidacy for dental restorations. This allows us to provide perfectly fitting restorations that are aesthetically pleasing and last for several years without any hassle.

Why Should You Choose Crowns and Bridges?
  • Dental crowns can be used for several restorative and cosmetic purposes, such as restoring teeth that are severely worn out, cracked, broken, weak, etc. This makes them the most versatile dental restorations.
  • Dental-grade ceramic can be customized as required to match the exact appearance of the teeth in terms of color, texture, contour, and functionality. Also, it offers excellent durability to ensure the restorations last for many years without hassle.
  • A bridge is one of the simplest means to replace a missing tooth. It doesn’t require the need for surgery, such as in the case of dental implants. It makes the treatment procedure quick, convenient, and hassle-free.
  • Getting a crown or bridge would require only two visits to the dentist’s practice. During the initial visit, highly-precise dental scans will be taken to act as a reference for the restoration. During the second visit, it will be bonded in place and checked for fit and comfort.
  • The aesthetics of the smile will be restored to normal with these restorations. You will be able to smile with confidence as they wouldn’t be easily distinguishable even when someone takes a closer look.
What Is the Procedure Involved?

Both crowns and bridges are custom-fabricated to offer a perfect fit. Hence, we will conduct a thorough diagnosis and understand the severity of the condition before suggesting them. Highly-precise digital scans of the mouth are taken to act as a reference for fabricating them. It would take a few days to get them fabricated in a dental laboratory.

During the next consultation, temporary restorations will be removed, and the teeth will be cleaned and etched using a suitable etching solution. The restorations will be placed on the teeth-prepared surface and checked for appropriate fit and comfort. Dental adhesives will be used to bond them permanently, after which a bite test will be taken.

Post-procedure Care

It is crucial you care for the restorations well after the procedure. Optimum oral hygiene, which involves regular brushing and flossing, is important to maintain their aesthetics. It is advisable to stay away from hard foods, such as nuts, candies, etc., and unhealthy oral habits. If you feel the restoration has loosened from the teeth, reach out to us immediately to get it fixed.

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